East Central Missouri Solid Waste Management District


 East Central Missouri SWMD Holds its Annual Meeting

Laura Schellenberg, Nutoys Leisure Products, Inc.

The East Central Missouri Solid Waste Management District – Region I held its annual meeting on Tuesday, November 14, 2017.  Laura Schellenberg from Nutoys Leisure Products, Inc. was the guest presenter for the meeting.  An employee for Nutoys for 11 years, Laura represents Landscape Structures Playground Equipment.  The company has practices in place in order to honor the environment and be proactive in recycling and reusing.  For example, water used in the manufacturing process is repurposed to clean concrete and little bits of excess paint are scraped and used for primer on steel and aluminum products.  Laura brought parts of playground equipment to pass around that are made of recycled material, and also brought a sample piece from the company’s recycled contour bench.

Chairman Lon Little welcomes the Region I SWMD membership

As part of its sustainability programs, the company calculates the carbon footprint of each playsystem based on the energy used during the manufacturing of the equipment.  Landscape Structures has partnered with American Forests to plant over 350,000 trees to directly offset the carbon dioxide produced in the manufacturing of each of its playsystems and skateparks through the Global ReLeaf program.  Landscape Structures also makes donations to plant enough trees to offset the total amount of carbon dioxide generated at its Delano, Minnesota facility.

Also at the meeting, Region I Advisory Committee member Pam Gildehaus reported on the e-cycle events the City of Washington held in April and October of 2017.  City of Truesdale Clerk MaryLou Rainwater provided an update on the city’s drug take-back program.


Region I SWMD Annual Meeting Presentation


Educational Outreach


BRPC Project Coordinator Chuck Eichmeyer speaks to students about recycling at Campbellton Elementary School in Franklin County

East Central Missouri Solid Waste Management District staff continue efforts to provide educational outreach in Region I.  BRPC Project Coordinator visited Cambellton Elementary School in Franklin County on Monday, May 22, 2017.  He spoke with several groups of students ranging from Kindergarten through grade 6.  Chuck uses familiar items to which the students can relate as he encourages them to recycle.  He shares information about what these items can become when recycled and how we can all make a difference when we work together.


Students Learn They Can Make a Difference


BRPC Project Coordinator Chuck Eichmeyer talks to students.


“Recycling helps the planet stay clean”.  This was one student’s  observation heard by BRPC Project Coordinator Chuck Eichmeyer when he visited Hermann Elementary School on March 10, 2017 to give a presentation about recycling.  Hermann Elementary is part of the Gasconade County R-1 School  District which serves students from parts of Franklin, Montgomery and Warren counties.  These are three of the four counties served by the East     Central Missouri Solid Waste Management District administered by BRPC.


BRPC Executive Director Chad Eggen hands out information about the East Central Missouri Recycling Center.


Mr. Eichmeyer discussed the top reasons to recycle.  Recycling conserves  natural resources, reduces the need for landfills, prevents pollution, saves energy, and creates jobs.  He also covered the steps in the recycling process and was able to share information about the processes used at the East Central Missouri Recycling Center.

A group of approximately 30 students from different grade levels and several teachers attended the presentation. If you are interested in scheduling a similar presentation, you can contact Chuck Eichmeyer at chucke@boonslick.org



About the District

Missouri Solid Waste Management Law was put into place following legislative action in 1990. Fees on landfills and tires funded solid waste management activities. Twenty solid waste districts were created throughout the State of Missouri as indicated in the map below. The East Central Missouri Solid Waste Management District, designated as Region I, serves Franklin, Lincoln, Montgomery and Warren counties.
Solid Waste Districts
According to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, “The purpose of the Solid Waste Management Program is to ensure solid waste is managed in such a way that protects both public health and the environment. The Solid Waste Management Program works hard to help all Missourians better manage their solid wastes. Through the cooperative efforts of citizens, businesses, industry and government, Missouri can continue to increase material reuse and recycling from all solid waste sources. Reducing the amount of solid wastes generated remains the program’s primary goal”.

Executive Board Members

  • Chairman – Lon Little, Montgomery County
  • Vice Chairman – Stephanie Norton, Franklin County Emergency Management – Franklin County
  • Secretary – Matt Bass, Lincoln County Commission – Lincoln County
  • Treasurer – Fred Vahle – Warren County

Advisory Committee Members

  • Pam Gildehaus, City of Washington
  • Dean Larkin, University of Missouri Extension
  • Donna Cameron, Christian Environmental Services

Board Membership Region I



Meetings for the East Central Missouri Solid Waste Management District Executive Board & Advisory Council are tentatively scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday in February, May, and August. The District’s annual meeting is held in November with the entire membership. Meetings are held at the offices of Boonslick Regional Planning Commission Planning Commission.
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