With more than 50 years of experience in grant writing and administration, Boonslick Regional Planning assists its membership with a variety of community and economic development projects.  If your community has a need, please feel free to contact us at (636) 456-3473.

Workforce Training Center

Funding Source/Amount:
EDA – $5.1 million
Local Investment  – $360,000
State of Missouri – $1 million
Description:  The project is for the construction of a workforce training center in Lincoln County.  Ranken Technical College will offer secondary and post-secondary education and training, initially focusing on advanced manufacturing, building and construction trades, and aquaponics.  The new facility will provide valuable skills for future and present workforce participants.  The training offered will help address workforce needs of employers throughout the region. 
Status: Project is complete. 



City of Marthasville Demolition

Funding Source/Amount:


Community Development Block Grant – $135,476
City of Marthasville  – $28,100 Cash
City of Marthasville – $4,000 In-kind
Description:  The project will facilitate the demolition of five dilapidated residential structures and one vacant dilapidated commercial structure
Status: Project is in progress.



Cap Factory Video March 2022        Cap Factory Video April 2022


City of Truesdale Park Project

Funding Source/Amount:
Department of Natural Resources Land & Water Conservation Fund Grant – $118,250
City of Truesdale – Match of 50% including City resources and donations. 
Description:  Funding will be used for playground equipment, walking trails, safety fencing, and additional parking.
Status: Project is in progress.


City of Hawk Point Wastewater

Funding Source/Amount:
Community Development Block Grant – $500,000
USDA Rural Development Grant – $485,000
City of Hawk Point (USDA RD Loan) – $1,660,000 and local $100,457
Description:  The project will close current two-cell lagoon, remove sludge and construct a new storage and land application system that is a non-discharging facility on property acquired by the city on the south side of town.  The project will also construct lines to connect this system to the current system and replace nearly 8,000 l.f. of force main collection system lines.
Status: Project is complete.



Wells Villa Senior Housing Complex Rehabilitation

Funding Source/Amount:
Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Program Grant – $990,000
Description:  The project will boost the structural integrity and functionality of the 33 unit senior housing complex located in the City of Wellsville.  Planned upgrades include repairing existing porches, replacing siding, replacing doors and windows, renovating bathrooms with ADA-compliant tubs and toilets, rehabbing kitchens, removing and replacing uneven sidewalks, and installing new concrete on existing gravel parking lots.  Boonslick Regional Planning Commission will serve as administrator for the project.
Status: Project is in progress.


City of Truesdale Safe Room

Funding Source/Amount:
Federal Emergency Management Agency – $1,600,000
City of Truesdale – $186,000 
Description:  The project will be the construction of a community shelter adjacent to Bruer Park for residents seeking shelter during severe weather incidents.  The shelter is designed to provide shelter for up to 800 people, with preliminary designs for a facility of approximately 6,100 sq ft.  The facility will contain a multipurpose room, restrooms, and utility areas.
Status: Project is complete.


City of Jonesburg Wastewater Project

Funding Source/Amount:
USDA Rural Development Loan – $2,485,000
USDA Rural Development Grant – $1, 729,500
Community Development Block Grant – $500,000
Description:  The project consists of repairs to the collection system, purchase of 17 acres of land surrounding the lagoon, and necessary upgrades to address needs and requirements.
Status: Project is in progress..


Warren County Handicapped Services

Funding Source/Amount:
Community Development Block Grant – $500,000
Match of tax credits through the Neighborhood Assistance Program grant – $596,000
Description:  The project will construct a new 4,900 sq ft. facility to provide services for people with developmental disabilities.
Status: Project is complete.

Warren County Domestic Violence Shelter

Funding Source/Amount:
Community Development Block Grant – $350,000
Grant Recipient – $50,000 cash and $4,000 in-kind
Description:  The project is on behalf of Warren County Council Against Domestic Violence to expand their current shelter and renovate the existing space.  The expansion will increase the living space for a maximum sleeping capacity of 40women and children. The project will also enhance the septic system to bring it into compliance with Missouri Department of Natural Resources requirements.
Status: Project is complete.

City of Troy Infrastructure Improvements

Funding Source/Amount:
Community Development Block Grant – $800,000
City of Troy – $465,000
Private Investment – $8,100,000 
Description: The City of Troy and a business requested CDBG Industrial Infrastructure Grant funding for road improvements to assist with the company’s expansion in Troy, Missouri
Status:  Project is complete.


City of Middletown Demolition

Funding Source/Amount:
Community Development Block Grant:  $53,045
City of Middletown:  $3,000 cash and $2,500 in-kind
Private Funding:  $2,000
Description:  The project will demolish five vacant dilapidated residential structures which have been vacant for a minimum of 12 months.  The City will be responsible for capping the water and sewer lines.  Property owners have committed to $500 per residential structure.  All structures will be inspected for asbestos.  Following demolition, lots will be leveled and seeded.
Status:  Project is complete.

City of Elsberry Wastewater

Funding Source/Amount:
Community Development Block Grant:  $500,000
USDA Rural Development Grant:  $623,500
City of Elsberry (USDA RD Loan):  $3,007,000
Description: The project will construct an extended aeration treatment plant.  The project will be built at the existing lagoon site.  These improvements will allow for compliance of the operating permit and satisfy future ammonia levels with capacity for population growth.
Status:  Project is in progress.

TEMCO, Inc. – Marthasville Sheltered Workshop

Funding Source/Amount:
Community Development Block Grant – $294,585
TEMCO, Inc. – $62,500 cash and $2,500    in-kind services.
Description:  The project allowed TEMCO, Inc., an extended employment facility-based sheltered workshop in Warren County, to construct a 1,900 sq.ft. addition to create a new work area.  The extra space allowed the existing work area to be converted to a breakroom that would accommodate all employees.  Improvements were also made to make existing restrooms ADA compliant.  Funding also allowed for additional work to be done which enabled TEMCO to have its own water and wastewater systems.
Status:  Project was completed February 2019.

Portage Des Sioux Wastewater

Funding Source/Amount:
Community Development Block Grant – $499,917
City of Portage Des Sioux – $957,800 cash and $1,700 in-kind services.
Description:  The project constructed a new wastewater treatment plant, and repairs were made to manholes and sewer lines.
Status:  Project is complete.

Some of BRPC’s Past Projects


BRPC Receives 2019 NADO Impact Award

Boonslick Regional Planning Commission is a recipient of a 2019 National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) Impact Award.  The Impact Awards program honors NADO members for their creative approaches to advancing community and economic development and improved quality of life initiatives.  BRPC received the Impact Award for its role in the establishment of workforce development projects at Tight 360 Tool and Machine, LLC to address needs in the Boonslick region.

BRPC brought in the Northeast Missouri Workforce Development Board and representatives from the U.S. Department of Labor to work with Tight 360 to establish a certified apprenticeship program.  Newly-hired employees can learn about advanced manufacturing and receive skills training; and those who are eligible can participate in an On-the-Job Training program through the Job Center, with up to 50% of these employees’ wages being reimbursed to the employer.  This is an excellent opportunity for local job seekers to learn valuable skills while earning a paycheck.  BRPC also assisted Tight 360 with a loan through its Revolving Loan Fund.


BRPC Receives 2018 Innovation Award from NADO

Each year, the National Association of Development Organizations recognizes projects in which members have shown creative approaches to advancing regional community and economic development and improved quality of life.  These projects have made significant impacts on regions and demonstrate the diversity of services and program delivery provided by regional development organizations across the country.  BRPC received the 2018 Innovation Award for the City of Jonesburg Economic Development project which brought CertainTeed Corporation to the area.  The project demonstrated collaboration at its best.  Summary of CertainTeed Project.








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