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Food Hub Feasibility Study – A study determine the potential need, demand, and ultimately, the chances of success for a food hub in the Boonslick Region.  July 2015

On-Site Non-Permitted Discharge Facility Development Plan; Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4  – This report is an assessment of on-site septic systems constructed within the Boonslick region of Eastern Missouri which encompasses Lincoln, Montgomery and Warren counties.  2015

Entrepreneurial Activity in the Boonslick RegionPublication prepared by Southeast Missouri State University, Institute for Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  Provides opportunities for consideration and evaluation of the entrepreneurism and innovative developments in the Boonslick Region.  March 2014

Commodity Movement Study Final Report – A study of the surrounding geographic and man-made transportation systems for the counties of Lincoln, Montgomery and Warren in the State of Missouri.  March 2013








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