Relocation of Silex Complete

The relocation of the City of Silex from the flood plain of Mill Creek to higher ground is now complete.  No longer will the city be threatened by flash flooding such as what occurred September 14, 2008. 

Following the flooding in ’08, funding was provided to buy-out flood damaged homes and rebuild new equivalent homes on higher ground near the former city.  Approximately 52 homes were built and five were moved from their original site to the new city.  Some local businesses and offices plan to relocate to available sites adjacent to the new city as well.

Approximately 70 homes on about 30 acres remain to be demolished following a hazardous material inspection this spring.  After inspection, the houses will undergo hazardous material abatement procedures (as necessary), then be demolished and the home sites cleared, raked clean, and seeded.  Eventually the open space created by the demolition will provide open spaces and athletic fields for Silex.

Unfortunately, no funding is available for the demolition and clean up.  In the interim, the old city of Silex can be made available for alternative uses as such movie locations and tactical training exercises for first responders such as firefighters, law enforcement, and search and rescue teams.

Production companies and those first responders wishing to use the property for a location shoot or for first responder training should contact Jay Gourley at (636) 456-3473.

Photos (Typical); 112 North Second Street, 131 North Second Street, 116 North Second Street, 103 North Third Street, 103 South Church Street, 203 South Church Street111 South Williams Street

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