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Region I SWMD Annual Meeting

N.B. West Contracting Company General Manager Steve Jackson

The East Central Missouri Solid Waste Management District—Region I, administered by Boonslick Regional Planning Commission, held its annual meeting Tuesday, November 15, 2022.  Guest presenter for the event was Steve Jackson, General Manager of N.B. West Contracting Company in Pacific, Missouri.

Mr. Jackson presented “Successfully Utilizing Recycled Materials in Asphalt Pavements”. Since 2000, he has been using recycled materials such as recycled asphalt pavement, recycled shingles, and ground tire rubber to improve asphalt roads in the region.

With increased highway funding leading to higher demand for highway building materials, Mr. Jackson believes it is important that we expand the use of recycled materials to maintain our infrastructure system and control costs.  His presentation was very interesting to those in   attendance.

District Planner Teresa Lee highlighted Region I Solid Waste Management Program activities for the year.  If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact Teresa at tlee@boonslick.org or by calling (636) 456-3473.

Region I SWMD Annual Meeting Presentation


Region I SWMD Newsletters

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Recycling Education

The Region I Solid Waste Management District strives to provide educational opportunities for residents of the region.  Groups are welcome to tour the East Central Missouri Recycling Center.


In addition, staff member Chuck Eichmeyer visits school groups in the region and provides presentations about recycling for students of all ages.  If you are interested in a tour or presentation for your group, please contact us at (636) 456-3473.



Household Hazardous Waste – What to Do With Specific Items 

About the District

Missouri Solid Waste Management Law was put into place following legislative action in 1990. Fees on landfills and tires funded solid waste management activities. Twenty solid waste districts were created throughout the State of Missouri as indicated in the map below. The East Central Missouri Solid Waste Management District, designated as Region I, serves Franklin, Lincoln, Montgomery and Warren counties.
According to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, “The purpose of the Solid Waste Management Program is to ensure solid waste is managed in such a way that protects both public health and the environment. The Solid Waste Management Program works hard to help all Missourians better manage their solid wastes. Through the cooperative efforts of citizens, businesses, industry and government, Missouri can continue to increase material reuse and recycling from all solid waste sources. Reducing the amount of solid wastes generated remains the program’s primary goal”.

Executive Board Members

  • Chairman – Lon Little – Montgomery County
  • Vice Chairman – Stephanie Norton, Franklin County Emergency Management – Franklin County
  • Secretary – Ryan Ruckel – Lincoln County
  • Treasurer – Fred Vahle – Warren County

Advisory Committee Members

  • Pam Gildehaus, City of Washington

Board Membership Region I



Meetings for the East Central Missouri Solid Waste Management District Executive Board & Advisory Council are tentatively scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday in February, May, August, and November.  The District’s annual meeting is held in November with the entire membership. Meetings are held at the offices of Boonslick Regional Planning Commission Planning Commission unless posted otherwise.
Please note:  Minutes for which there is no link will be posted upon approval.  Minutes from meetings prior to the ones posted have been archived.
November 2023 Executive Board:     Agenda     Minutes
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November 2022 Full Council Annual Meeting:     Agenda     Minutes
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August 2022 Executive Board:     Agenda     Minutes
May 2022 Executive Board:     Agenda     Minutes
February 2022 Executive Board:     Agenda     Minutes
November 2021 Full Council Annual Meeting:     Agenda     Minutes
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August 2021 Executive Board:     Agenda     Minutes
May 2021 Executive Board:     Agenda     Minutes
February 2021 Executive Board:     Agenda     Minutes
December 2020 Full Council Annual Meeting:     Agenda     Minutes
November 2020 Executive Board:     Agenda     Minutes
October 2020 Executive Board:     Agenda     Minutes
August 2020 Executive Board:     Agenda     Minutes
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November 2018 Executive Board:     Agenda     Minutes
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