Regional Demographics

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2020 Census Population Change in the Boonslick Region


Missouri Census Data Center State/County Annual Population Change

The Boonslick Region

The Boonslick Region is centered on Interstate 70 and lies immediately west of the St. Louis metropolitan area.  The area encompasses 1,645 square miles, 27 municipal governments and 3 county governments.

Lincoln County covers 630 square miles and has 12 municipalities: Chain of Rocks, Elsberry, Foley, Fountain N Lakes, Hawk Point, Moscow Mills, Old Monroe, Silex, Troy, Truxton, Whiteside, and Winfield. Troy serves as Lincoln County’s county seat.

Montgomery County consists of 584 square miles and 9 cities: Bellflower, High Hill, Jonesburg, Middletown, Montgomery City, McKittrick, New Florence, Rhineland and Wellsville. Montgomery City is the county seat of Montgomery County.

The remaining 6 incorporated communities are in Warren County. These cities include Innsbrook, Pendleton, Marthasville, Truesdale, Warrenton, and Wright City. Warrenton serves as the county seat. Warren County is the smallest county in the Boonslick Region consisting of 432 square miles.

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