2010 Transportation Enhancement Projects

City of Silex Wastewater Improvement Project

Montgomery County Highway 19/RR Overpass

Jonesburg Senior Housing Improvement Project

City of Elsberry Buyout

City of Elsberry Drainage Improvement Project

Montgomery City Housing Demolition Project

City of Wellsville Water Improvement Project

City of Foley Sewer Project

Lincoln County Levees

Warren County/AGAPE Food Pantry

Old Monore Pump Station

City of Silex Relocation

Neighborhood Stabilization Program

Energize Missouri Homes

Statewide Planning Initiative

Boonslick is participating in an initiative that will improve the local government toolbox for county planners. Many rural Missouri counties face increasingly strong growth pressures in the coming years. Our region is particularly vulnerable as the metropolitan growth advances into Lincoln, Montgomery and Warren counties. Although this is a multi-year project, the result could provide legislation and state training assistance to counties concerned with protecting the local economy, transportation corridors and community character.

Montgomery County PWSD/Pendleton Water System

The Montgomery County Public Water Supply District is constructing a community water distribution system in the Village of Pendleton. The project will provide potable water to 32 residences in the community.

Montgomery County Short Road Bridge

Montgomery County will replace the bridge on Short Road that spans the Loutre River. The current 210′ bridge has weight and width limitations and will be removed.

Elsberry-Lakeview NID Sewer Project

The Lakeview Subdivision has created a neighborhood improvement district (NID) to construct a sanitary sewer collection system. The City of Elsberry will provide the sewage treatment for the District.

Marthasville Depot – Enhancement Grant

The City of Marthasville and the Marthasville Chamber of Commerce received funding through MoDOT’s Enhancement Fund Program to renovate the Marthasville Depot and create a transportation museum.

 Completed Projects

Air Quality Boundary Designation

The Boonslick Regional Planning Commission successfully advocated for exclusion from the St. Louis Metropolitan Statistical Area for certain air quality compliance standards for Lincoln, Montgomery and Warren counties. Air quality and emission sources within the Boonslick Region are minimal at this time compared to counties currently in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 1-hour boundary designation for the St. Louis Metropolitan Statistical Area. Boonslick continues to monitor developments surrounding this issue.

Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan Reviews

The Missouri State Emergency Management Agency contracted with Boonslick to provide preliminary review of Missouri’s county Natural Hazard Mitigation plans prior to submission to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). To date, 26 plans have been approved by FEMA; including the Lincoln County, Montgomery County and Warren County plans. More than 70 of the reviewed plans have been submitted to FEMA.

City of Marthasville Economic Development

The City of Marthasville installed water and sewer lines to support business expansion on Highway O, the new location for Schwoeppe Machine and Tool. The company created 8 new jobs and invested $523,000 in buidlings and equipment.

Warren County Sheltered Workshop Building

The Warren County Sheltered Workshop constructed a new 9,000 sq. ft. facility to house the operations of the organization. The Sheltered Workshop provides employment opportunities to 59 individuals.

City of New Florence – Housing

The City of New Florence has completed a housing rehabilitation project that included the renovation of 3 homes, the demolition of 13 structures, and the construction of 12 new homes.

City of Warrenton Industrial Park Liftstation

The City of Warrenton installed a sanitary sewer liftstation and force main to provide additional sewer capacity in the Warrenton Area Industrial Park.

Lincoln County PWSD #2

The Lincoln County PWSD #2 is installing a sanitary sewer collection system to serve the residential area that lies immediately north of the City of Troy. 110 homes are being provided access to this system. The City of Troy is providing the sewage treatment for the District.

Montgomery City/NECAC Affordable Housing

The City of Montgomery used grant funds to construct water, sewer and roads in a subdivision that is home to 10 new homes that were built in partnership with NECAC, USDA Self-Help Housing, and local builders.

Middletown Community Center

The Middletown Community Association completed the construction of a new 3,150 sq. ft. community center. The center is used to host community events and functions for this rural area.

We Care Ministries Food Pantry

We Care Ministries used CDBG funds to purchase and renovate an existing building in Montgomery City to house the operations of the area food pantry. The new facility will provide 4,200 sq. ft. of storage and retail space.

Warren County

Warren County received a $28,488 grant through the Missouri Department of Public Safety, Victims of Crime Program (VOCA Grant) to continue funding for the position of victim advocate. The victim advocate assists the County’s Prosecuting Attorney in meeting the needs of victims of crime.

City of Troy

City of Troy is sponsoring a grant project to construct Woodcrest Villas, a mixed income multi-family rental housing project. The project is being built by Jeffrey Smith Development Companies and the Northeast Community Action Corporation. The project will provide 60 new housing units for the City of Troy. The total project is $5,312,425 with the State providing $250,000 in grant funds to assist with infrastructure costs. Construction on the project began in fall 2002. The housing units are 80% occupied.

Lake Sherwood Association

Lake Sherwood Association contracted with Boonslick long-range planning assistance to contend with growth pressures from St. Charles County. Boonslick conducted focus-group sessions; provided analysis, summaries and recommendations; and assisted in development of a community-wide survey. The Association is using the information and data in their long-range planning.

City of Warrenton

City of Warrenton received a grant from the Community Development Block Grant Program to assist Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Services construct low income senior housing units. This $106,000 grant will help offset the cost of construction to help maintain affordable rents for low-income seniors in the community. The project is also funded with low-interest loans from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. The total project will cost $1,241,500.

Lincoln County

The Linc, a public transportation system, operates Monday through Friday and provides public transportation throughout Lincoln County for a $1 fare per trip. The system is operated under contract with OATS, Incorporated. Boonslick secured funding through the Federal Highway Administration-5311 Program and Community Development Block Grant Program.

Lincoln County

Lincoln County Public Health Fund, Inc. LCPHF, Inc. received a $113,000 grant from the Community Development Block Grant Program to construct a dental suite to serve low-income residents of Lincoln County. The dental suite is part of a 10,200 sq. ft. building that is being constructed for the Lincoln County Health Department. The total project cost is $1,856,334, and is financed with loans from USDA-Rural Development. The building was completed in 2004.

Lincoln County

Lincoln County is constructing a new bridge over the Cuivre River at Briscoe. The bridge is estimated to cost $453,000 and will be paid for by a grant in the amount of $369,000 from the Community Development Block Grant Program, as well as local funds.

City of Elsberry

City of Elsberry has replaced antiquated water distribution lines and constructed a new water treatment facility. The $932,000 project included a $452,000 grant from the Community Development Block Grant Program and $480,000 in low-interest loans from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund. Construction was completed in the summer of 2004.

Montgomery County

Montgomery County constructed a new bridge over the Loutre River on Whetstone Road/Highway N. The project was funded, in part, by the Community Development Block Grant Program. The grant provides $400,000 of the $500,000 project.

Montgomery County

Montgomery County sponsored a grant on behalf of the Monroe County Public Water Supply District to construct a water tower and install water distribution lines in northeastern Montgomery County. Funding for the $2.4 million project included grants from the Community Development Block Grant Program and USDA-Rural Development in the amounts of $475,000 and $880,800 respectively. The project also borrowed more than $1 million from USDA-Rural Development. The tower and lines were in the spring of 2005.

City of Middletown

City of Middletown upgraded and expanded its sewage treatment system with a budget of nearly $484,000. Grant funds of $373,500 were provided by the Community Development Block Grant Program to offset the expense by the City. The project was completed in 2004.

City of Wellsville

City of Wellsville was awarded a $15,000 pre-development planning grant by USDA-Rural Development to conduct an engineering study and feasibility analysis of the water production and treatment options for the City’s freshwater supply.

City of Wright City

The City of Wright City contracted with the Boonslick Regional Planning Commission to prepare a comprehensive plan to help guide the growth of the community. The plan, completed in June 2004, provides growth management measures to deal with increasing growth rates, infrastructure limitations and long-range goals.

City of Warrenton

The City of Warrenton is upgrading and paving Market Street from Main Street to the South Outer Road as part of the City’s downtown revitalization project. The project will support more that $4 million in new private investment.

Village of Silex Duncan Mansion Road

The Village of Silex will reconstruct Duncan Mansion Road and improve the drainage facility along this corridor. This roadway provides access to much of the community’s employment opportunities and commerce activity.

Montgomery Fire District – Mineola Fire Station

The Montgomery Fire Protection District will construct a new fire station in Mineola to serve the area of the District that lies south of Interstate 70. The District will construct a 3,000 sq. ft. building.

Montgomery City Library

The City of Montgomery and the Montgomery City Library Board are using CDBG funds to make improvements to a new library building so that it will be accessible for people with disabilities.

Warren County Concord Hill Road Bridge

Warren County is using CDBG funds and County bridge funds to replace the bridge on Concord Hill Road. The current bridge is a single lane, weight limited structure that was built in 1920.

City of Montgomery Sewer Improvement Project

The City of Montgomery is upgrading its Elkhorn Creek sewage treatment facility. The new facility will allow the City to comply with the new discharge limits and meet the needs of a growing community.

Elsberry Sidewalks – Enhancement Grant

The City of Elsberry received funding through MoDOT’s Enhancement Fund Program to reconstruct sidewalks along the downtown business corridor. The project will replace approximately 1,200 l.f. of sidewalks.

Jonesburg Sidewalks – Enhancement Grant

The City of Jonesburg received funding through MoDOT’s Enhancement Fund Program to construct 3,000 l.f. of sidewalks from the downtown area to the elementary school.

Village of Pendleton Sewer Project

The Village of Pendleton is constructing a community sewage collection and treatment system. The project will provide sewage utilities to 32 residential properties in the community.

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