City of Warrenton Hickory Lick Road Improvements

Funding Source: 
Community Development Block Grant – Re-use of Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds
Description:  The City of Warrenton is removing the existing surface and rebuilding the street with a sufficient aggregate base to accommodate an 8 inch thick concrete driving surface.  The street will be crowned to insure the proper runoff with concrete shoulders and all culverts will be replaced, reconstructing the side slopes to preserve the new road base and extend the life of the street.
Status:  Project is complete.

Hickory Lick Road Video Pic


TEMCO, Inc. – Marthasville Sheltered Workshop

TEMCOFunding Source/Amount: 
Community Development Block Grant – $197,677
TEMCO, Inc. – $62,500 cash and $2,500 in-kind services.
Description:  TEMCO, Inc. will make improvements to the existing building.  All restrooms and kitchen areas will be brought to ADA standards.  A 1900 square ft. addition will be added to the existing building to increase work area. 
Status:  Project will go out for bid in early spring 2017.


Disaster Recover Jobs Program

Funding Source/Amount: 
Department of Labor – $122,000
Description:  Due to flooding caused by heavy spring rains, the counties of Lincoln and Montgomery qualified for funding through a national emergency grant.  Funding will allow for the cleanup of debris which collected under a number of bridges.  BRPC staff worked with each county and received a prioritized list of bridges where cleanup is needed.  Staff then mapped the bridges and formulated a work plan.  Missouri Job Center staff advertised the need for workers and interviewed potential candidates.  A crew of six individuals, including one supervisor, was hired and began working on the project in mid December of 2015.
Status:  Project in progress.
Photos of the cleanup sites were taken by BRPC Project Coordinator Chuck Eichmeyer.  View a photo gallery and video clips below:


 N Rock Church Road

Lincoln Co Debris Removal

N Rock Church Road

Food Hub Feasibility StudyDSCF0368

Funding Source/Amount: 
USDA Rural Development – $25,000
Description:  These grant funds will be used to pay for a feasibility study.  The study should reveal a location for a food hub that will provide the most benefit to small and emerging producers and a method to reach the greatest market, thus expanding the availability of local foods. 
Status:  The study has been completed.  Final report

City of Jonesburg Economic DevelopmentCertainTeed Water Tower

Funding Source/Amount: 
Community Development Block Grant Program – $1,500,000
Economic Development Administration – $1,937,434
Description:  These grants will aid the City of Jonesburg in providing public infrastructure improvements needed to assist the expansion of CertainTeed’s facility in Jonesburg.  The company will create a minimum of $30,000,000 in private investment and 100 new full-time jobs within 5 years.  This project will have a significant economic benefit for the City of Jonesburg as well as the area.
Status:  Construction is complete.  Production has begun.
CertainTeed Photos

City of Hawk Point Water Project

Funding Source/Amount: 
Community Development Block Grant Program – $499, 250
USDA Rural Development Grant – $495,000
USDA Rural Development  Loan – $1,155,000
Description:  A new 100,000 gallon elevated water storage tank will be constructed, along with a water treatment system at the tower site.  Additional distribution lines will be constructed to connect this system to the current system.  Nearly 9,000 lineal feet of water distribution lines will be replaced.
Status:  Project complete.
Water Tower in Progress
City of Hawk Point Water Project

Hawk Point Water Project Video Picture

City of Troy Economic Development

Funding Source/Amount: 
Community Development Block Grant Program – $350,000
Economic Development Administration – $756,394
City of Troy – $220,000
Description:  Funds will be utilized for road and drainage system infrastructure improvements.  These improvements will assist with the expansion of Bodine Aluminum, Inc. and will increase the volume of product shipped into and out of the facility.
Status:  Construction complete.


City of Truesdale DemolitionTruesdale google map

Funding Source/Amount: 
Community Development Block Grant Program – $73,390
City of Truesdale – $1,500 cash / $3,900 In-Kind labor
Property Owners – $1,500 in demolition fees.
Description:  Funds will provide for the demolition of 6 vacant dilapidated residential structures.  Each property will be inspected for asbestos prior to demolition
Status:  Demolition complete.


Village of Truxton/Hawk Point FPD Firehouse

Funding Source/Amount: 
Community Development Block Grant Program – $250,000
Hawk Point Fire Protection District – $105,390 cash / $1,000 In-Kind labor
Description:  Funds will assist in the construction of a new 3-bay fire station which will serve the Truxton area and the northwest portion of the District.
Status:  Construction is complete. 

Montgomery County Highway 19/RR OverpassRR bridge pic

Funding Source/Amount: 
Community Development Block Grant Program – $2,250,000
Missouri Department of Transportation – $4,250,000
Description:  A new Highway 19 overpass will be constructed at the railroad.  The highway currently goes under the railroad and is frequently flooded during heavy rains.
Status:  Construction is complete.

Village of Whiteside Sewer

Funding Source/Amount: 
Community Development Block Grant Program – $417,200
Missouri Development Finance Board Loan – $150,000
Village of Whiteside – $3,300 Cash
Description:  The Village will install a community-wide sanitary sewer system consisting of a collection system and treatment plant.  The collection system will be a combination of gravity sewer mains, liftstations and force mains that will enable them to serve the varying elevations in the community.  The collection system will consist of 8,900 lineal feet of PVC piping.  The treatment system will consist of a recirculating sand filtration system with disinfection.
Status:  Construction estimated to begin in the summer of 2017.

City of Silex Wastewater Improvement Project

Funding Source/Amount: 
Community Development Block Grant Program – $422,000
USDA Rural Development Grant – $387,500
USDA Rural Development Loan – $365,000
Description:  This project will replace two lift stations and will convert an existing lagoon to a zero-discharge drip irrigation treatment system.
Status:  Construction estimated to begin in the summer of 2017.









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