MoDOT Announces Proposed District Boundary Changes

On Wednesday, May 4, 2011 the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission unveiled a plan to drastically reduce MoDOT’s operating costs.  The plan, when fully implemented, will enable MoDOT to invest an additional $500 million in highways and bridges over the next 5 years. 

To achieve this level of cost savings the plan will “right-size” the department’s staff, facilities, and equipment.  The proposed plan cost reductions include the following elements:

  • Reducing the number of MoDOT districts from 10 to 7.  (Propose closing of Macon, Willow Springs and Joplin district offices).
  • Reducing the number of staff by 1,200 (nearly a 20% reduction in the workforce)
  • Reducing facilities by 135.
  • Reducing equipment by 740 pieces.

Change is never easy. The proposed reduction in the number of MoDOT districts means the areas served by each district will also change.  A map of the proposed new district boundaries is attached.  Lincoln and Warren counties are proposed to be part of the St. Louis district; while Montgomery County is proposed to be part of the Central District in Jefferson City.  (Currently the entire Boonslick Region is in Northeast District) Meanwhile the highway shed in Montgomery City is proposed to close.  All other facilities in the region are proposed to remain open.


MoDOT General Briefing

MoDOT Proposed District Map

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